Localization Testing

Welcome to the Localization Testing bug tracker. Here you will find instructions that are specific to the testing and reporting of bugs relating to localized Kerbal Space Program.

The basics

For those that have never used this type of tracker, or reported bugs for KSP, here is a guide to good reporting.

Kerbal Space Program reporting guide

The specifics

Beyond the guide outlined above, we have further requirements that are particular to the localization effort.

Use tags in titles

Please identify the language that the report is for by adding a tag.

"[EN] A bug Report"

This helps us quickly gather reports for particular languages. Where an issue affects more than one language, please use a comma separated list

[EN, JA, RU]

If it affects all languages, then the [ALL] tag can be used.

Titles may change over time as the same problem is discovered in other languages and the report updated.

Other character sets in Titles, links and descriptions

The bug tracker has been updated and fully supports Unicode. Inclusion of all characters is allowed, but we kindly ask that issues are reported in English only.

Bad Translations

All text in the game will be translated into your individual languages with a few exceptions. Some Kerbal names, and company names will remain in English. These will be identified individually. Spanish company names have been kept in English for example. All other text should have been localized. Please report the location using screenshots and descriptive text to help the developers quickly identify and resolve these. If the translation is incorrect, please also consult the spreadsheet for localization and reference the sheet name and row reference in your report.


Please identify poor or missing punctuation. This also includes inappropriate lines breaks.


Some text needs a particular layout such as a table, list or heading. Please report any problems that you find with these.

Text in images

Some images are embedded and have text labels. These may be in a handwriting style and should have been localized. Please identify any problems found with these.

Functional issues

KSP should function and behave in all of the usual respects (but better and no with added languages) The localization effort may have an adverse impact on some areas of the game, so please be on the lookout for these and report them as bugs in the normal manner.

International Keyboard Support

Language specific layouts have now been added. Not all locales are present at this time, but the main layouts have been accommodated. Please test in your preferred layout.

Asking for help

Please use the slack QA channel for help on anything that you are not able to understand or problems you may encounter. There is usually someone present that can help you out, or direct you to the correct person to speak to.