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# Project Tracker Votes Priority Status Version Branch Platform Subject Assignee Updated % Done Target version
13500Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - Not ApplicablePS4EVA controls for PS412/29/2016 10:05 PM

13499Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsKerbal Exploding While Trying To Climb Vessel12/29/2016 09:51 PM

13498Kerbal Space ProgramBug0HighNewKerbal Space Program - PS4 - 1.1.0PS4Unable to add manuever node/warp here/ or select ship.12/29/2016 06:30 AM

13497Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsFlag Planting / Mouse Lock12/28/2016 06:38 PM

13496Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsWeird undocking result12/28/2016 03:30 PM

13495Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalUpdatedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsMk12-R Radial-Mount Drogue Chute : Cannot deployed while stowed!02/26/2017 12:36 PM

13494Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxDon't automatically change vessel type after launch12/27/2016 03:07 PM

13493Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNeeds ClarificationKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsFar Object's Parachute Deploying Failure And Object Exploding12/30/2016 12:28 PM

13492Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsUNDO in EDITOR revert all module values to default12/26/2016 10:46 AM

13491Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxSecond joystick (Pedals) not detected12/31/2016 04:00 AM

13490Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsService bays not always see-through in editor12/25/2016 08:18 PM

13489Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsAdding more than 2 Kickback boosters does not produce additional thrust12/24/2016 09:17 AM

13488Kerbal Space ProgramBug0UnworthyNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2OSXLauncher Graphical Settings - 'Scenery' misspelt12/24/2016 07:23 AM

13480Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxMassive FPS drop on Dune01/06/2017 12:18 PM

13478Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsAvailable contracts don't updated when cancelling current ones12/22/2016 06:26 AM

13477Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsConvert-O-Tron 125 Balance Nonsense Especially Regarding Drill-O-Matic-Junior12/22/2016 02:59 PM

13469Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Windowsmerged ships do not have attachment nodes12/22/2016 10:28 AM

13466Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsFairing cost does not reflect real price after the ship is loaded from "Load a Craft" option in VAB12/20/2016 10:25 AM

13444Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - PS4 - 1.1.0PS4Controller Scheme12/22/2016 10:27 AM

13442Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsClosest approach being shown instead of encounter and SOI change12/17/2016 05:37 PM

13441Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsRecover object from Mun surface falls through surface when approached.12/17/2016 08:27 AM

13440Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1LinuxCrash (SIGABRT) on start12/22/2016 10:22 AM

13437Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux, WindowsBinding Key kombinations with modifiers (Shift, Alt, Ctrl) doesn't work.12/24/2016 03:21 AM

13430Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2OSXGraphical bug on scene change from KSC to VAB after recovery.12/15/2016 04:35 AM

13429Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOneMore info about Kerbals in transferwindow12/14/2016 05:50 PM

13428Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsSometimes when exiting Kerbin SOI, extreme lag in map view and disappearance of vessel12/14/2016 08:07 AM

13426Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOnePartcount vs. performance12/14/2016 12:14 AM

13425Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxMission: Flyby sun & orbit around sun since 1.2.201/16/2017 03:15 PM

13421Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOneBigger kind of "Rockomax HubMax Multi-Point Connector" respecting "Docking Port Sr."12/13/2016 05:53 PM

13420Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsTT-38K Radial Decoupler fits badly on FL-T Fuel Tanks with Snap To12/13/2016 04:35 PM

13418Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsVessel Markers at KSC Move Under Warp To Next Day12/12/2016 11:03 PM

13414Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxSynchronous orbits given with reverse orbit direction.03/12/2017 12:38 PM

13412Kerbal Space ProgramBug1NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsRadiator behavior in high-speed low-atmospheric pressure flight is not physically accurate12/15/2016 10:54 PM

13408Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsFaring does not have "delete" or "edit" button in editor.12/12/2016 09:29 AM

13406Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOneCommnet science transmission bonus is out of whack.12/10/2016 05:23 PM

13405Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsKSPedia alone accounts for half of load time01/25/2017 11:24 PM

13403Kerbal Space ProgramBug1NormalConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linuxradiators used on asteroids do not work03/23/2017 10:35 PM

13402Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0UnworthyNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxBetter placement of "property windows of parts" inflight and restrict overlapping12/09/2016 07:52 PM

13399Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowBeing Worked OnKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux, Windows"Part Highlighter Brightness Factor" setting has no effectTriggerAu02/01/2017 05:30 AM

13398Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxLadder on Z-4K Batterie Bank12/21/2016 06:49 PM

13396Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.1.2WindowsCannot independently retract landing legs12/09/2016 05:35 AM

13394Kerbal Space ProgramBug0UnworthyUpdatedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux"EAS-4 Strut Connector" doesn't have highlighting anymore since 01:50 PM

13393Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0UnworthyNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxCubic nodes should support symmetric count12/08/2016 08:48 PM

13381Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowReady to TestKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsKSPModule class attribute has no effectJPLRepo03/17/2017 02:29 AM

13379Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsCube found in asteroid 01/18/2017 11:47 AM

13378Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsGame crashes when taking screenshot with steam.12/07/2016 10:46 AM

13373Kerbal Space ProgramBug0CriticalNewKerbal Space Program - XBoxOne - 1.1.0XBoxOne"Resume Saved' is blank but saves still exist12/05/2016 03:10 AM

13370Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsGizmos dont appear in the VAB/SPH when subassembly is used when there is nothing in the VAB/SPH to start with12/05/2016 01:08 AM

13368Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalReady to TestKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsException when craft trajectory intersects target12/07/2016 03:37 AM

13366Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsIf the Cargo bay is the root part then there is an aero occlusion issue on F9 reload, or revert to launch, or on existing crafts12/04/2016 03:14 AM

13364Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1Windows'Collect All' Option in Action Groups for Pods and Probe Cores12/03/2016 02:26 AM

13360Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1LinuxMore live parameters respected by "persistent" & "manual saves"12/02/2016 07:47 PM

13356Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsAir Intake Bug12/02/2016 08:22 AM

13354Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsNeed More Info12/01/2016 10:06 PM

13346Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1Linux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOne"Transmit Using This Antenna" option to decide which antenna transmits science by default.03/02/2017 10:31 PM

13344Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0UnworthyNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsRotation point of heat radiators is out of center11/30/2016 08:16 PM

13338Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1Linux, WindowsNo collider on a broken Gigantor XL Solar Array part12/01/2016 12:52 PM

13333Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsOrientation of Decoupler changed during flight11/29/2016 09:10 AM

13328Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1LinuxWhen burning away from a targeted vessel, as soon as the target (docking port or vessel) goes out of range, the delta-v counter resets and the planned trajectory is wrong11/28/2016 09:19 PM

13326Kerbal Space ProgramBug1NormalConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsKSP crashes unexpectedly while flying in atmosphere.12/18/2016 08:42 PM

13325Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsFairings not affected by building shadows11/28/2016 04:07 PM

13324Kerbal Space ProgramBug0HighNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsCrash!!!12/07/2016 01:35 PM

13323Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsDocking Port Sr. - Max Temp Values Incorrect?!12/04/2016 06:48 AM

13318Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1LinuxWheels attached to child part shakes vessel despite of perfect alignment11/27/2016 05:39 PM

13316Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsGame crash when reading KSPedia for too long12/08/2016 12:23 PM

13315Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsRoveMax Model XL3 12/04/2016 06:29 AM

13314Kerbal Space ProgramBug0HighUpdatedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1LinuxSpontaneous Explosion AGAIN! 02/26/2017 11:13 AM

13309Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsModuleParachute: autoCutSpeed value is ignored11/25/2016 11:05 AM

13299Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsBZ-52 Radial Attachment Point part has no context menu in VAB11/24/2016 07:30 AM

13287Kerbal Space ProgramBug0HighNeeds ClarificationKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsKerbals die (KIA) on SOI change.12/03/2016 08:15 PM

13283Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1OSXBackspace No Longer Resets focus in orbital map11/30/2016 06:28 PM

13279Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1Linux, OSX, WindowsMake 'tests' member on EngineersReport class public11/21/2016 04:26 PM

13276Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1LinuxRotation on roll axis after Max Timewarp on launchad12/17/2016 04:33 PM

13275Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowUpdatedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsBraking on Ground (mun) - Changes value (Target m/s) to a value different than zero even when stopped11/22/2016 01:08 PM

13273Kerbal Space ProgramBug1LowConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsMusic looping and skipping inappropriately11/28/2016 09:14 PM

13272Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNeeds ClarificationKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsRandom Radial (in) Acceleration of Orbiting Crafts and Kerbals02/02/2017 02:20 PM

13271Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsKerbals trembling in IVA when landed.02/05/2017 06:06 PM

13268Kerbal Space ProgramBug0CriticalUpdatedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1LinuxPart fails to load when next folder is read-olny12/11/2016 12:15 PM

13267Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1LinuxGame load form KSC menu11/20/2016 06:14 PM

13257Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsScience containers need lower Priority for checking03/16/2017 11:24 AM

13254Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1LinuxFlickering lines / graphics corruption in VAB/SPH11/30/2016 04:11 AM

13252Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsTerrain stitching issue on Minmus (lowlands, NE of Greater Flats)11/18/2016 12:55 AM

13250Kerbal Space ProgramBug1NormalConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1Linux, WindowsPlane on runway rotates without obvious cause12/18/2016 06:04 PM

13249Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsManeuver of zero causes guidance oscillation11/17/2016 10:58 AM

13247Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalReady to TestKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsBotched edge normal smoothing on MK1 Inline Cockpit12/07/2016 03:38 AM

13244Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsCrash to desktop during atmospheric flight11/19/2016 04:23 PM

13231Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsLauncher does not recognize x64 patchRoy11/15/2016 06:20 PM

13228Kerbal Space ProgramBug0HighUnity BugKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1LinuxKSP 1.2.1 crashes in Linux at startup11/14/2016 08:34 PM

13225Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsCheat menu text overlaps science display11/12/2016 08:57 PM

13224Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsCrash after deploying parachute.11/12/2016 07:57 PM

13223Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsGame Crash on rendezvous around Kerbin01/29/2017 06:44 PM

13221Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1Linux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOneChange temp and distance units (Suggestion)11/12/2016 05:59 AM

13216Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1Linux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOneGive engineers more to do11/19/2016 10:03 PM

13215Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1Linux, OSX, WindowsImproving the usefulness of remotly operated spacecraft11/10/2016 11:24 PM

13213Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1OSXSmall kraken in terrain near KSP12/11/2016 12:03 PM

13212Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowReady to TestKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1Linux, WindowsOverwrite Assemblies Sometimes not Possible / Missing Dialog12/07/2016 09:20 AM

Kerbal Space Program - 1.2.2
13211Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsAction Group Actions Missing in All Rover Wheels11/20/2016 10:14 PM

13208Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsCannot assign keys of 6-DOF11/11/2016 10:56 AM

13207Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsAudio Settings All 011/11/2016 10:58 AM

13206Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowConfirmedKerbal Space Program - 1.2.1WindowsLauncher: Apply and Accept do the same thing (nothing?)11/11/2016 10:58 AM

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