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Selecting a Target in Map View Gives the Wrong Result

Added by wbutler about 4 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Attached, please find a .zip containing a KSP save entitled "Will". In map view, when I attempt to select a docking target, the wrong craft is actually activated as target--and it's always the same craft.

Repro steps:
1. Load save state "Will".
2. Go to Space Center UI.
3. Go to Tracking Station UI.
4. Select "Kerbal One Probe".
5. Click "Fly".
6. Hit "m" key for map view.
7. Click on "Mission to Duna" craft to select it as target. This will be the only craft with a "ship" icon on the map orbiting Kerbin.

Expected result:
Pop dialog box showing "Mission to Duna" text and "Set Target" button.

Actual result:
Pop dialog box showing "Kerbal One" text and "Set Target" button. Clicking "Set Target" will result in the actual Kerbal One craft being selected.

Spew from systeminfo:

Host Name: STUDY
OS Name: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro
OS Version: 6.2.9200 N/A Build 9200
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner: <redacted>
Registered Organization:
Product ID: 00178-10540-78959-AB481
Original Install Date: 1/26/2013, 2:08:19 PM
System Boot Time: 3/18/2013, 9:39:24 PM
System Manufacturer: OEM
System Model: OEM
System Type: x64-based PC
Processor(s): 1 Processor(s) Installed.
[01]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6 GenuineIntel ~2400 Mhz
BIOS Version: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 11/6/2007
Windows Directory: C:\Windows
System Directory: C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device: \Device\HarddiskVolume1
System Locale: en-us;English (United States)
Input Locale: en-us;English (United States)
Time Zone: (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Total Physical Memory: 4,094 MB
Available Physical Memory: 969 MB
Virtual Memory: Max Size: 7,144 MB
Virtual Memory: Available: 2,104 MB
Virtual Memory: In Use: 5,040 MB
Page File Location(s): C:\pagefile.sys
Logon Server: \\MicrosoftAccount
Hotfix(s): 68 Hotfix(s) Installed.
[01]: KB2712101_Microsoft-Windows-CameraCodec-Package
[02]: KB2727528
[03]: KB2729462
[04]: KB2736693
[05]: KB2737084
[06]: KB2742614
[07]: KB2742616
[08]: KB2750149
[09]: KB2751352
[10]: KB2753842
[11]: KB2756872
[12]: KB2756923
[13]: KB2757638
[14]: KB2758246
[15]: KB2761094
[16]: KB2761465
[17]: KB2764462
[18]: KB2764870
[19]: KB2768703
[20]: KB2769034
[21]: KB2769165
[22]: KB2769166
[23]: KB2770660
[24]: KB2770917
[25]: KB2771431
[26]: KB2771744
[27]: KB2771821
[28]: KB2777166
[29]: KB2777294
[30]: KB2778171
[31]: KB2778344
[32]: KB2778930
[33]: KB2779562
[34]: KB2779768
[35]: KB2780342
[36]: KB2780523
[37]: KB2780541
[38]: KB2782419
[39]: KB2783251
[40]: KB2784160
[41]: KB2785094
[42]: KB2785220
[43]: KB2788350
[44]: KB2789649
[45]: KB2789650
[46]: KB2790655
[47]: KB2790907
[48]: KB2790920
[49]: KB2792009
[50]: KB2792100
[51]: KB2793210
[52]: KB2794599
[53]: KB2795944
[54]: KB2796096
[55]: KB2797052
[56]: KB2799494
[57]: KB2800088
[58]: KB2803676
[59]: KB2805940
[60]: KB2809289
[61]: KB2811522
[62]: KB2811660
[63]: KB2812822
[64]: KB2812829
[65]: KB2815769
[66]: KB2819372
[67]: KB2823233
[68]: KB2824670
Network Card(s): 2 NIC Installed.
[01]: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Connection Name: Ethernet
Status: Media disconnected
[02]: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Connection Name: Ethernet 2
DHCP Enabled: Yes
DHCP Server:
IP address(es)
[02]: fe80::89bf:8e48:11c8:928
Hyper-V Requirements: VM Monitor Mode Extensions: Yes
Virtualization Enabled In Firmware: No
Second Level Address Translation: No
Data Execution Prevention Available: Yes - Save state where bug repros. (63.4 KB) wbutler, 03/23/2013 12:25 AM


#1 Updated by Alchemist about 4 years ago

One of the features of the target selection system is that you don't actually have to click the target ships icon, but its orbit line. But when there are multiple close orbits it's really difficult to select the right one.
Maybe it's better to make this a feature request: when in map view clicking on a craft's icon, automatically propose to select that craft as a target instead of checking for which orbit is clicked.

#2 Updated by Squelch over 1 year ago

  • Status changed from New to Resolved
  • % Done changed from 0 to 100

The supplied scenario can no longer be loaded in 1.0.4, but from the described behaviour, this problem seems to have been resolved in the intervening patches.

#3 Updated by Squelch over 1 year ago

  • Platform Win32 added
  • Platform deleted (Windows)

#4 Updated by TriggerAu 8 months ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

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