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Mouse scroll greatly diminished

Added by obk about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Version:0.23 Platform:Linux



I've just installed 0.23, and found that scrolling the mouse wheel in KSP, either in the hangar/VAB or during flight, has had its effect dramatically reduced. e.g. what would have taken one 'click' of the mouse now takes many, many full rotations, to the point where it is hard to actually see that turning the mouse wheel actually does anything. Scrolling seems to have been reduced by a factor of... 100-1000?


#1 Updated by Ted about 3 years ago

Ah, this is actually a consequence of a fix for the mouse scroll. The mouse scroll actually works now and requires no 'hacking', thus the scale didn't need to be absurdly small in the settings. Either delete your settings.cfg or simply put it back to 1.0 in the settings screen. :)
Will leave this open for now, but will mark as Not a Bug in 48 hours.

#2 Updated by obk about 3 years ago

Thanks, that fixed it!

#3 Updated by Ted about 3 years ago

Glad to hear. :)

#4 Updated by Ted about 3 years ago

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