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Neo keyboard layout not properly detected

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I'm using the German Neo keyboard layout (completely different from the usual German QWERTZ layout). KSP detects the layout as German QWERTZ layout ("Current OS Keyboard" in Input settings). I created GameData/Squad/Controls/Neo.cfg, which is usable if manually selected.
I guess the problem arises from the fact that (at least on Linux) the layout is implemented as a variant of the German layout ("de neo") and there is some hard coded "german->QWERTZ" mapping in KSP.

Neo.cfg - config file for Neo Keyboard layout (OSX_VARIANT is unchanged from QWERTZ layout, needs to be fixed) (12.5 KB) Lysius, 03/21/2017 10:11 PM


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Hi Lysius, Squad is not supporting the German Neo layout at this time, but if you would like to share your cfg maybe they can look into it.

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Ok, here is my config file for Neo keyboard layout. Also tested and tuned this on Windows 7 (man, I really feel dirty now!). I hope this works on windows in general now (not sure about other versions or different keyboard drivers). The OSX part of the config file is unchanged from the QWERTZ config file, so it will very likely not work there properly yet (But who uses Apple products anyway?).

Challenges are that Capslock, < and # keys (on QWERTZ) are used as modifier keys on Neo (like additional Shift keys for further layers) and can therefore not be used as normal keys. On Linux it does not register at all, on Windows it mixes up with the Ü (Y on QWERTZ) key.
Precision toggle uses return instead (like the OSX_VARIANT also does in QWERTZ) and mouselook toggle uses Y (Ä on QWERTZ).

The "´" key (+ on QWERTZ) is not recognized on Linux, but it is on Windows (it normally is a dead key, but the other dead keys "`" and ^ do work in Linux). I tried to use D and Y for previous/next target and ß for mouselook toggle on Linux, but the LINUX_VARIANT parts to not seem to be used properly (might be a general bug).

Btw, on Windows the keyboard layout is detected as QWERTY with German as language.

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Cool, okay I'll let the devs know :)

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