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[RU] Grammar and syntax errors, as well as typos.

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In the welcome message of KSC.
1. No spaces between sentences. In the screenshot, underlined by red lines.
2. Oval marked an error in the word "him" - "нём" There must be a Cyrillic letter "ё".

Soon there will be more ...

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3. Rectangles - not translated text.

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#3 Updated by ELF 11 days ago

I would say that usage of "ё" is not obligatory and is ignored in most of russian texts. Is it really that important?
This will require someone to point out each word which should contain "ё". There is really no change of sence in this sentences due to that, you cannot misread it.
I vote to leave translation without ё if it was done this way already. Else we will end up with a partial mix, somewhere it will be, somewhere it will not, which is worse that not having it at all.
We cannot rely on autorepacement in this case as somewhere we will need "всем", and somewhere "всём" and this is only one example.

Moreover, most flight manuals I have seen ignore the presence of "ё", everything is written with "е".

#4 Updated by LeoVLDM 11 days ago

In fact, the letter "ё" is very important, as well as other letters of the Russian alphabet. It can not just be thrown out of the alphabet. When you read the text, you need to figure out what word you wrote here. On "ё" in 99% of cases, the stress falls, if it is removed, it will be a completely different word.
In manuals use "e", because they save time writing manuals. Russian people are very lazy. In the Russian layout, the letter "ё" is located on the "~" key, the printing speed is significantly reduced. And inexperienced people do not even know where it is.
Of course, I understand that it is difficult to correct words with the letter "ё", but I would like to see a clean letter with all the letters of the Russian alphabet.

And here is the opinion of philologists on this topic:
Alphabet truth number 7. The use of the letter "ё" is mandatory in texts with successively set accents, in books for young children (including textbooks for primary school children), in textbooks for foreigners. In ordinary printed texts, "ё" is recommended to write in cases where it is possible to misread the word when it is necessary to specify the correct pronunciation of a rare word or to prevent a speech error. The letter "ё" should also be written in own names. In other cases, the use of "ё" is optional, that is optional.

Children play games, it is important for them that "ё" is present in the text they read. Otherwise, they begin to speak unfamiliar words incorrectly.

I'm for the letter "ё".
If you need to somehow help in the grammar and correct mistakes in the Russian translation, I'm ready to help to do this.

#5 Updated by LeoVLDM 10 days ago

I found the localization files. Here GameData\Squad\Localization
I will correct mistakes in them.
Soon I will post the corrected versions of the files.

#6 Updated by LeoVLDM 10 days ago

All grammar, punctuation errors and typos have been fixed. And also the letters "ё".
Use and enjoy.

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